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Lynn Soie

Hair Claw "Urban Echoes" (NEW YORK)

Hair Claw "Urban Echoes" (NEW YORK)

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Immerse yourself in the heart of the Big Apple with our "Urban Echoes" hair clip. Inspired by the diverse hues of New York - from the dark alleys of old Manhattan to the shimmering glass facades of modern skyscrapers. This accessory embodies the depth, contrast and timeless elegance of New York City. The deep black symbolizes the nighttime energy of the city, the gray shades reflect the vibrant life of the streets, and the brown nuances are reminiscent of the historic brick buildings and the rich history of the metropolis. A piece of urban elegance that captures the spirit of NYC in every detail

  • durable and sturdy
  • fight plastic
  • made from acetate
  • elegant and versatile
  • comfortable and gentle
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